Vegan Rella

In my quest to find the perfect vegan cheese, I picked up a package of Vegan Rella at Sidecar for Pig’s Peace.

I cannot get over the smell of this stuff. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is that I find so repulsive, but something about its odor activates my gag reflex. The sticky, slimy texture upon removing it from the packaging is also offputting.

The taste is passable, though strikes me as very artificial; if sort of reminds me of yogurt that may or may not be past its expiration date. In its solid state, Vegan Rella has a mild flavor and creamy mouthfeel that is well-suited to crackers or rice cakes. Melted, it turns into a runny opaque fluid that I really can only compare to forms of bodily discharge that have no place on a food blog.

Overall: C


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