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Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are traditions for many families at Christmas. They weren’t for mine, but we wouldn’t have minded if they were- we’re suckers for anything sweet. Continue reading ‘Quick Cinnamon Rolls’


Autumn Beer Bread

autumn beer bread

Continue reading ‘Autumn Beer Bread’

English Muffins


Our friends Chris and Kristen gave us a lovely little jar of homemade Rainier cherry jam. Since so much effort went into making the jam, I didn’t want to spread it on commercially-baked goods. But what to make? I saw this post at A Tiger in the Kitchen and was overcome with the urge to make English Muffins. Cheryl used a recipe from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, but it called for buttermilk; I feel comfortable substituting soymilk for regular milk and non-hydrogenized margarine for butter, but buttermilk is an enigma to me. So, I veganized a recipe that I found at Foodista. Continue reading ‘English Muffins’

Chili and cornbread


David and I have been eating out pretty frequently these past few weeks because I’ve been too busy to cook, so I wanted to make a couple big pots of something that we could eat all week. David suggested chili. Continue reading ‘Chili and cornbread’

Pantry Staple: Tortillas


A pack of tortillas is a staple for the ominivore/herbivore pantry, provided that they aren’t made with lard. Tortillas are versatile wrapper for many foods, and allow the both of you to enjoy the same meal, only a little different. Continue reading ‘Pantry Staple: Tortillas’

Hippie Health Muffins

zucchini muffins

Portland’s Blossoming Lotus makes an amazing no-sugar-added muffin, sweetened only with dried fruit. I had been looking to recreate this for a while (last trip to Portland was in October), and finally merged and adapted a couple of recipes this morning to create my own version. Next time, I will add some chopped nuts. These muffins, of course, are just for me; David tried one and surprisingly liked it (I didn’t expect he would) but I’ve been eating them as a quick breakfast or snack before class. Continue reading ‘Hippie Health Muffins’